AWEH-NESS Radio: Esa with Henry & TJ (Climate Group)

Esa Williams releases a new radio series called “AWEH-NESS Radio" on WWFM – a series of shows with the motive of bringing awareness to important topics, and discussions on how it impacts our experiences in the world today.

To kick off this series: “Climate Change - You, Me and 1.5 degrees” We'll be hearing from Henry and TJ employees at the Climate Group, to speak on the issue of climate change, why is it important and their opinion on how you, me and 1.5 degrees makes up the bigger picture. The release of the latest IPCC report was the most comprehensive climate report to date – a code red for humanity – disclosing the urgent status of the environment, our climate, and the impacts, which are already taking place – some of which are “irreversible”.

1. Nala Sinephro - Space 1

2. Kinkajous - Still (Drifts)

3. Thembalilhe Dunjana - Pressin On

4. Sibusiso Mash Mashiloene

5. Barros de Landana - Tambi la Rosa

6. Carole Demesmin - Likidon

7. Voukoum - Kominikasyon

8. Lancelot Layne - Yo Tink Is Sorf

9. Larry Heard - The Dance Of Planet X

10. Father Children - Who’s Gonna Save The World

11. Esa & The Invisible Hand - Aweh No Wahala feat. Franck Biyong & Tasneem

12. David Sylvian & Holger Czukay - Mutabil

13. Earth, Wind & Fire - That’s The Way Of The World (OOFT Edit)

14. Massive Attack - Pray For Rain

15. CAN - Mother Sky

16. Saved My Life - Sambamanao (Piano Edit)

17. African Image - Ikhalaphi (War Cry) (Edit)

18. Jean Geuhi - Pantalon Cwake

19. Ana Paula Reis - Espelho Meu (Edit)

20. Viva Brazil - Ronco Da Cuica (Edit)

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