Esa Presents Beverly Glenn Copeland // 11-03-2020

A monthly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries. On this month's show, Esa is joined by singer and songwriter Beverly Glenn Copeland in conversation at Hosoi. Tracklist:

Demo Cates - Memories of Moments
Siya Makuzeni Sextet - Out of this World
Wolf Muller & Nikolas Wandt - Dub Dub Dub
MAAT - Feuglace
Forest Law - Voa Baixo
Jameszoo & Metropole Orkestr - flu
Vuma Levin - Hashtag
Twylyte ’81 - Some Go Up
Forthcoming (Esa Summer Vibe Remix)
Djosa - Amazone
Symptoms of Love - Nightwatch (Cassette Mix)
The Mauskovic Dance Band - Controle Jezelf
Forest Law - New Thoughts New Eyes
Bujin - Weird Venom
X.Y.R. - Esto Se Masca
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New (Intro)
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Sunset Village
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - La Vida
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - In The Image
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Colour Of Anyhow
Laila Biali - Joy
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Let Us Dance

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