Esa Presents Tsonga Disco Special and Soundway Records // 11-04-2019

A monthly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries. For this episode, Esa is joined by Alice Whittington of Soundway Records and he presents us a Tsonga Disco Special.

Penny Penny - Kulani Kulani [Shandel Music]
Loaf Boy - Finder Finder [Unknown]
Joe Shirimani - Biya [Renaissance]
Paul Ndlovu - Khombora Mina [Gallo Record Company]
Marhanga Club - Maseve [Eagle Records]
Peta Teanet - The Youth Days [Mac Villa Music]
Penny Penny - Shilungu [Forthcoming Soundway Records]
Esta M - Wanavala [Unknown]
Madlaks - Jikovonunu (Young Marco Rework) [Safe Trip]
Makamoh - Wamnabela [Self-Released]
Manyane - Thabong (Frankie Francis Bubblegum Dub) [Soundway Records]
4x4 - Miss Doctor (Paul Marmota Remix) [Akwaaba Music]
Satari - Smile [La Casa Tropical]
Stimela - Mind Games [Gallo Record Company]
Nonku Phiri Feat. Dion Monti - Sifo [Albino Black]
Peta Teanet - Double Pashash [Gallo Record Company]
Daraa Tribe - Raoud []
Oum - Taragalte [MDC]
Arsivplak - Seker Oglan [Arsivplak]
Unknown Artist - Unknown [White Label]
Planet Trip - Closet [Unknown]
T.Siza - Voyage (YEI Mix) [ Forthcoming Khoi Khoi]

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