Euphony: Kaoru Inoue, Maa and Shunhor

“Euphony” is a party in Tokyo by 3 generations of DJs - Kaoru, maa & shunhor - under the advocacy of Kaoru Inoue, and the influences in context of house music and balearic. Kaoru has been working as a DJ and producer for over 25 years based in Tokyo also known as Chari Chari, maa is co-founder of Hamon Radio, and shunhor is a DJ also an architect. The show bring you the euphonious sounds on the 2nd Monday of every month.


Walter Carlos - Fall [CBS]

Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Saudade Do Santos-o-Vehlo [RVNG]

Andras - Sun Sign Cancer [Growing Bin]

Gojogo - God Doesn’t Make Junk [Porto Franco]

Claus Ogerman Orchestra - Time Passed Autumn (Part 1) [Warner]

Idris Muhammad - Piece Of Mind [Kudu]

Green-House - Chysis [Leaving Records]


D.K S.K - No Man's Ground [ Melody As Truth]

Gigi Masin - Coraline [Apollo Records]

Arp - Kalimboid [Mexican Summer]

Ian o'Brien - Midday Sunshine [Peacefrog Records]

Alex Kassian - Hidden Tropics (Revisited) [Utopia Records]

Loveshadow - 7 [Music From Memory]

Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere [Best Records]


Akimbo - Fiddlehead [Tonal Unity]

Evagoras Karageorgi - Vibrophonia [Moneda]

Minük - Aurora(El Búho Remix) [none]

Glib'R - Triangle Days [Versatile Records]

Vini Vidi Vici - Vini Vidi Vici [Platform 23]

Don Cherry's New Researches featuring Naná Vasconcelos - Resa [Blank Forms Editions]

Hassan Wargui - Azerf - ⴰⵣⵔⴼ - Rights [HIVE MIND]

BirdzZie - Etéreofonia [Tropical Twista Records]

Kaori Kozai + Kiyohiko Semba - Muramatsuri [commmons]


Yui Onodera - Moire 1 [Room40]

Arturo Stalteri - Volo Notturno [Materiali Sonori]

G.S. Schray - Placeholder Areas [Last Resort]

Tornado Wallace - Voices [Running Back]

Nordso & Theill - Sun Fo Ni [Music For Dreams]

Tortoise - Ten-Day Interval [Thrill Jockey]

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