Euphony: Kaoru Inoue, maa & shunhor

“Euphony” is a party in Tokyo by 3 generations of DJs - Kaoru, maa & shunhor - under the advocacy of Kaoru Inoue, and the influences in context of house music and balearic. Kaoru has been working as a DJ and producer for over 25 years based in Tokyo also known as Chari Chari, maa is co-founder of Hamon Radio, and shunhor is a DJ also an architect. The show bring you the euphonious sounds on the 2nd Monday of every month.


Lieven Martens - Effets de Serres I [Edições CN]

CV & JAB - Stone Circle [Editions Basilic]

Merope - Bitinėlis []

Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage - Jade Lake [Marionette]

Mono Fontana - Comienza A Llamarlo [SRRD]

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan - Palace I [Artifact Music]

Alejandro Franov - Opsigno [SRRD]

Lieven Martens - Effets de Serres IV [Edições CN]


Misty Mountain ,Sarod - Kim Jinmook [Daehan Electronics]

Javasounds, Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Jaipongan - Tawis Soca [Hive Mind Records]

Zann - Tatopani [Isla of Jula]

Synergetic Voice Orchestra - Hari-Hari [Metron Records]

Hassan Wargui - Azmz [Hive Mind Records]

Oumou Sangaré / Yere Faga (Acoustic) [No Format]


Koreless - Yonder [Young]

Slow Attack Ensemble - Form And F a d e [Second Thoughts Records]

Yu Su Ft. Pender Street Steppers - Tipu's Tiger [Music From Memory]

Sweepsculp - Inking [Nous'klaer Audio]

ZEN RYDAZ - Rumble Feat. RHYDA (Mamazu Remix) [HOLE AND HOLLAND]

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy - Daytrippin [Strangelove Music]


Nuri – Drup [Shouka]

Nepal Cultural Corporation - RELLAI SALALA [KING RECORDS]

Ora Clementi - Forest of Materials [Black Truffle]


Andrew Pekler - Amami Remote Extension [Edições CN]

Cabaret du Ciel - Great Plains (Ssiege Aero Remix0 [Altrimenti]

The Zenmenn - Flags Of The World [Music From Memory]

Yas-Kaz - Jasmin [Canyon]

Soul II Soul - African Dance [Ten]

Cass & Niklas Wandt - Verpuppung [Candomble]

Chari Chari - Of Mystic Rhythms (Psychic Thermometry Mix) [Seeds And Ground]

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