Euphony: Kaoru Inoue, maa & shunhor

“Euphony” is a party in Tokyo by 3 generations of DJs - Kaoru, maa & shunhor - under the advocacy of Kaoru Inoue, and the influences in context of house music and balearic. Kaoru has been working as a DJ and producer for over 25 years based in Tokyo also known as Chari Chari, maa is co-founder of Hamon Radio, and shunhor is a DJ also an architect. The show bring you the euphonious sounds on the 2nd Monday of every month.


Kajsa Lindgren - Pärlan [Recital]

Haruomi Hosono - Ukihashi [Epic]

Erik Wollo - Ceremony [Cicada]

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Old Melody [Séance Centre]

Yoshio Suzuki - Morning Picture [JVC]

Andreas Georgiou - Nea Selini [Libra Music]

222 - Tale of Mountain [Flower Noise]


Arushi Jain - My People Have Deep Roots [Leaving Records]

Jaimie Branch - Birds Of Paradise [International Anthem]

Saphileaum - Ta [Good Morning Tapes]

Salamanda - Shadow Dance [Good Morning Tapes]

Michel Banabila - Balafon Dub [Knekelhuis]

The Pilotwings - Mazirat Sous Pschit [Brother From Different Mothers]

Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Totem [Time Capsule]


Semut - I Nyoman Adi Suardita (Benjamin Hill Remix) [Insitu Recordings]

Sancho Meiso Chaya - Koma [SABI]

KODO - floor [Sony Music]

Doriane Woo - Break Free 自在 [not on label]

Priscilla Ermel - Origens Da Luz [Music From Memory]

METISMATIC - Da Gue Na Tin [L'impasse Studio]

Agustin Giudici - BALAFON [not on label]

nat birchall - Mirror Mind [ANCHIENT ARCHIVE OF SOUND]


Roberto Laneri - Con Tigo En La Distancia [Black Sweat]

RVDS - Mrs Yamahas Summer Tune [Bureau B]

222 - Eleven [Flower Noise]

Tiziano Popoli - SW Radio Stations [Freedom To Spend]

log(m) & Laraaji - Sunken Forest [Invisible Inc]

Uman - Atmosphere [Freedom To Spend]

Sam Goku - Diqiu (Earth) [Atomnation]

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Lexington Queen [Alfa]

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