Extra Soul Perception with Tash LC // 19-02-20

Extra Soul Perception is a creative collaboration that brings together innovative artists from the UK, Kenya and Uganda on a week-long music writing camp in Nairobi. Tash LC hosts 2 hours celebrating the music that has come from the writing camps. Seed-funded by British Council’s new Art new Audiences programme, with supported from Arts Council England and the Analogue Foundation, the result will be an audio-visual album, documentary and series of events, talks and workshops in East Africa and the UK. Extra Soul Perception creates new tangents in soul music. Inspired by the fusion experiments of Monk Higgins, it’s led by an open-minded approach of harmonising different sounds, techniques and traditions, to change perceptions of a long-established genre. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/extra-soul-perception/

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