First Thought, Best Thought: Tom Skinner

Tune in for First Thought Best Thought with Tom Skinner. Tom is a DJ, producer and percussionist with the likes of Sons of Kemet, Kano, Wildflower and OHS Trio.

1. The Vernon Spring - What’s Going On [Lima Limo]

2. Jeff Parker - Four Folks [International Anthem]

3. Tara Clerkin Trio - Memory [World Of Echo]

4. Lucretia Dalt and Aaron Dilloway - Tender Cuts [Hanson]

5. The Vernon Spring - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) [Lima Limo]

6. Armand Hammer and The Alchemist - Stonefruit [Backwoodz Studios]

7. Lucretia Dalt and Aaron Dilloway - Voyria [Hanson]

8. Lucretia Dalt and Aaron Dilloway - The Blob [Hanson]

9. Lucretia Dalt and Aaron Dilloway - Tense Cuts [Hanson]

10. Ben LaMar Gay - Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks Like on You. (feat. Ohmme) [International

11. Ben LaMar Gay - Hood Rich Happy [International Anthem]

12. Jeff Parker - Suffolk [International Anthem]

13. Sam Gendel - Shells, Tube and Guitar (w/ Carlos Niño) [Leaving Records]

14. Pino Palladino and Blake Mills - Djurkel [Impulse!]

15. Sons Of Kemet - Envision Yourself Levitating [Impulse!]

16. The Vernon Spring - Inner City Blues [Lima Limo]

17. Space Afrika - Ny interlude [Dais]

18. Tirzah - Beating [Domino]

19. Sam Gendel - Eternal Loop [Leaving Records]

20. ? - ? [?] (if anyone knows what this is please let me know!)

21. Can - Zwei (Live in Stuttgart) [Spoon]

22. Madlib - Dirtknock [Madlib Invazion]

23. Mica Levi - Om Om Om Om (feat. Brother May) [self released]

24. Mica Levi - Blue Shit [self released]

25. Aksak Maboul - Un Caïd (Hello Skinny remix) [Crammed Discs]

26. Aksak Maboul - Dramuscule (Ohh_Luuu remix) [Crammed Discs]

27. Fritz Müller - Fritz Müller Traum [Roth-Händle]

28. Thirsty Moon - Big City [Brain]

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