Future Bubblers with Jericho Noguera

Selassie and Claudia offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme powered by Brownswood Recordings.

We’ll be joined by Y6 Bubbler Jericho Noguera who’s celebrating the release of his latest EP. He’s also come through with a guest mix of music he was inspired by over the writing period.

Sola - Feels like War

Ayeisha Raquel - Starving

Qendresa - Starving

Jericho Noguera - Talking to. You

Jericho Noguera - Lips are Blue

AMA//MIZU - Sunspot (D’Monk Remix)

Shunaji - Black Girl Blues

Seigfried Komidashi - Aether

L E M F R E C K - Closer (Ft. Kiddus)

Tendai - Infinite Straight

Lzee - Life I Live

Dreya Mac - Summer 21

ENNY x Odeal - Bernie Mac

Snowy - Proper

Danny Sanchez & Nikhil Beats - Duro

Footshooter - Twilight (Ft. Albertina)

anja ngoni - fu (ft. Phoebs)

Kayla Painter - Constellation

Waldo’s Gift - The Berlin Truck

Fork and Knife x Griz-O - My Kinda Setting

* Jericho Noguera Guest Mix *

Little Simz - Two Worlds Apart

Matt Corby - Why Dream

Joy Crookes - When You Were Mine

Cleo Sol - Promises

John Lennon - Hold On

Jimi Hendrix - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Lady Land)

Simulator Jones - Soon Never Comes

Daniel Caesar - Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)

Leroy Hutson - So In Love With You

Faces - Debris

Mother Funk - Sunshine

Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby

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