Future Bubblers

Selassie and Claudia offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme powered by Brownswood Recordings.

Today, Selassie and Claudia celebrate the release of Future Bubblers 5.0!

Compiled of 9 specially curated tracks spanning across genres such as Alt-RnB, Jazz and Electronica. Stream, download or purchase the Vinyl now!

Madeleine - Can’t Feel Enough

Safiyyah KeepVibesNear & Nikhil Beats - Days Like This

Jaydonclover - LadyBird

Magoya Feat Ella Knight - The Most Beautiful Lie

Mark Cake - Hoon

Ella Knight - It Don’t Matter

NeONE the Wonderer - Nose Dive

Conrad Ellis - Make it Last

Damos Room - Soft Bodied (Widows’s Reprise)

Shakira Alleyne - Floating Soul

Madi Saskia - Fast or Slow

Griz-0 & JSSO Project Feat Klliope - Tabou Remix

Ages Ago - Its Only a Dream

Hurricane Feat. Airborn Gav - In The Morning

L E M F R E C K - Falling

[K S R] Feat Children of Zeus - CGWY

Leo Pesci & Ella Knight - GUTS

Shunaji - Green Acid

DARGZ Feat. MosesBoyd - Lou’s Tune

Shadeemus Feat. SVM - Dusk Till Dawn

Blue Lab Beats Feat. Tiana Major9 & Kofi Stone - Labels

Kieron Boothe - Crush a Bit

Champion Di - The ‘R’

Sweeney Feat. C36 - Afford

Tariq Disu - LONDON

MoreNight Feat Snowy - Eazy Peezy

AG - Do Little

Nowsm - Leave Your Circle

Last Nubian - Sold the World

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