Future Bubblers: Amy and Selassie with Barnaby Duff // 16-09-19

Amy and Selassie offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme, powered by Brownswood Recordings. Strictly new, UK music. For this month's show, they are joined by Barnaby Duff - the Creative Programme Officer from Help Musicians UK - who will talk about the charity, help and funding provided for young musicians and also do a little guest mix! Get ready to celebrate the new Future Bubblers' 3.0 compilation, championing and mentoring a host of burgeoning musical talent, available to pre-order now!

Jake Miliner Feat. Marcus Tenney & Alfa Mist - Remenisce [Melting Pot Music]
Meron T & Paya - Can We [White Label]
Joviale - Dreamboat [Blue Flowers Music]
Wilroy - 4f3d63 Hex [Brownswood]
Haich Ber Na - Nowhere Like It [RAGS]
Tariq Disu - Maybe Later [Zulu Park]
Safiyyah - Grow [Polarface Records]
Coffee Club Boyz - Slow Ride In The Morning [Mimm]
Ratomagoson - Resin (Hoffy Remix) [Nudibranch]
Lewis Ashley - Jewels On The Radio [White Label]
Aaliyah Esprit - Mind Control [Brownswood]
Warren Xclnce - Reptitions [Mimm]
Pete Beardsworth - Homecoming [Mimm]
Pswuave - Move Fast [White Label]
ItsNate - Space [SLOCAL]
Caustic The MC - Broken Hearts Interlude [WCC]
Bambooman - Ricochet [Accidental Jnr]
Ex-Isles - Blackened Shores [886649 Records DK]
Camilla George - The People Could Fly [Ubuntu Music]
Yakul Feat. Ms Maurice - Gravity [White Label]
Eska - Shades of Blue [Earthling Recordings]
JB Scofield - Stretch It [White Label]
Kill Miami Feat. Jay Nahge & Trigga, Grizzle, 67 - Back In Action [V.S.O.P Gang]
King Kay - Salida [White Label]
ItsNate - Rome [SLOCAL]
Inka & Meles Meles & Yogeshi - Another Planet
K S R Feat. Dogger - Sweet Jungle [Polarface Records]

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