Gilles Peterson Presents The 20: Two Step Soul

This week, Gilles Peterson takes us through his favourite Two Step Soul tunes, from Nancy Wilson to Milton Wright.

dynasty - adventures in the land of music
the vibrations - shake it up
nolen and crossley - salsa boogie
benny golson - I’m always dancing to the music
the two tons - never like this
carolyn franklin - sunshine holiday
nancy wilson - I’m in love
starvue - body fusion
dee dee sharp gamble - easy money
linda williams - elevate your mind
zulema - wanna be where you are
lowrell simon - love massage
sylvia striplin - you can’t turn me away
LA boppers - you did it good
bar kays - open your heart
lemuria - hunk of heaven
rene and angela - secret rendezvous
debra laws - how long
foxy - mademoiselle
bernard edwards - you don’t know me
leroy hutson - don’t it make you feel good
arnold blair - trying to get next to you
steve parks - moving in the right direction
breakwater - say you love me girl
milton wright - keep it up
tom brock - I love you more and more
faze o - riding high
a taste of honey - I love you
chocolate clay - free I’ll always be)
don blackman - holding you, loving you
jeffrey darnell - good day

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