Gilles Peterson with Dos Santos: Test Press Club Special

Gilles is joined by Chicago's Dos Santos for the latest Worldwide Test Press Club offering.

Gilles Peterson presents a deep focus on the latest Worldwide Test Press Club release, transporting us to Chicago and the iconic label International Anthem. Gilles is joined by Dos Santos crew Alex Chavez and Elliot Bergman to discuss 'City Of Mirrors', their new album that poetically brings together the band's heritage with the present day as they contemplate the borders they cross sonically, emotionally and spatially.

Dos Santos - A Shot In The Dark
Jaimie Branch - Theme 001
Dos Santos - Logos
Jeff Parker - Go Away
Dos Santos - Jaguar de Rosas
Nomo & Shawn Lee - Nocturne
Dos Santos - Crown Me
Nomo & Shawn Lee - Upside Down
Rob Mazurek - Autumn Pleiades
Dos Santos - Alma Cosmica
Junius Paul - Ase
Dos Santos - Ghost. Me.
Los Wemblers - La Danza Del Petrolero
Ray Barretto - El Nuevo Barretto
Ray Barretto - Acid
Joe Bataan - Mambo de Bataan
Dos Santos - City Of Mirrors
Alabaster DePlume - Why Buzzardman Why

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