Gilles Peterson with Jon Hassell

Gilles Peterson sits down with legendary trumpet player and electronic music pioneer, Jon Hassell in the Brownswood Basement. Jon was a close collaborator with David Byrne and Brian Eno in the early 80s, famed for his 'fourth world' sound which in the 70s and 80s was unique in merging third world tradition with first world technology. During an hour of words and music, Jon discusses his Talking Heads times as well as his experiences working with German electronic composer Stockhausen, his admiration for Gil Evans, his own favourite recordings, and his thoughts on the north vs south/mind vs body divide, which have informed the way he creates his music and lives his life. The reissue and remastering of Jon Hassell & Farafina’s “Fourth World”, co-produced by Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois and featuring propulsive Burkinese rhythms and ambient soundscapes is out now on Glitterbeat records. Tracklist:

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