Global Music Movement: Megatronic with Shermine Sawalha

Check out the broadcast from WW Dubai with Megatronic who is a culture producer, DJ and a music enthusiast specialising in conversations and musical trends from around the world.

Each month, her show Global Music Movement invites special guests from the MENA region and the diasporas to have insightful conversations about the reimagining of musical heritage to reflect what’s happening in the region.

This month GMM welcomes a special guest Shermine Sawalha; a Visual and Performance Artist, Producer, Curator of Arts and Culture, and Entrepreneur. Her extensive study of the arts and entertainment industry has helped cater for the drives and needs of artists and audiences, creating communities and building playgrounds for underground culture to thrive in while educating the public through entertainment.

Malahi Entertainment a production, booking, and management company designed to serve and support visual and performance arts and artists by creating a variety of platforms, shows, exhibitions, and festivals for the community in Jordan, while also building partnerships with fellow dreamers around the world.

Malahi's roster grew rapidly as well as the scene and fanbase around its work. Catering to thousands of viewers and fans across the MENA region, Malahi booked, tour managed, and produced events for international artists such as Daddy G from Massive Attack, Nicolas Jaar, Joss Stone, Russ, Nightmares on Wax, Dam-Funk, Acid Arab ... as well as being a production advisor for Coldplay: Everyday Life in Jordan.

Malakat Records is a Jordan-based, women-focused independent record label devoted to experimental music in the Middle East. Malakat is currently working to release its debut album featuring 7 up-and-coming talents from the region.

Shermine Selections

Dalia Omran - Hob whole wheat

Intibint - Ishty Ansa

Liliane Chlela - Charr

Charls Ava - Machine

Nas Al Wahl - Sandy Chamoun

Sea heart - Rawan Roshni x MFKZT

Felonious Funk - Sirena

Pelican Dub (feat Lila Tirando a Violeta) - Nick Leon

Laba Staifia - Arab Acid (Ammar 808 remix)

Wheele - Dj Plead / Nunaku

Megatronic live set - Mehmooni London (22nd July 2022)

Altin Gun - Goca Dunya

Damâa feat. Glitter -

Esni Afsar - Zuhtu

Zohar - Badala Zamana (Barrio Katz)

Divooneh Bazar

Baba - Ali Kuru

Nenekri (Multi Culti remix) - Crowdpleaser

Yali Yali - Neşe Karaböcek (Todd Terje Edit)

Geographic - Smthng Smtime, Megatronic & Edseven

The past present - Andrea Di Rocco

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