Global Roots Radio // 10-01-2020

Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. Tracklist:

Lyra Pramuk - Tendrill [Bedroom Community]
Natural - Electronic System [Tikita]
TCB - Past One Twenty [ESP Institute]
Synkro - Fields (Claro Intelecto Remix) [Apollo]
Benedict Frey - Substance B [ESP Institute]
Magda Drozd - Leave me a Message [Präsens Editionen]
The Silent Group - Avators [Discrepent]
Leif - First Image [Livity Sound]
Consulate - Serpentising [Art E Fax]
Zoeplar - FIN [Axe on Wax]
Melanie Velarde - Effect [RVNG INTL]
Bryan McComber - Bodystrong [Ooh Sounds]
BOA - BOA (Moscas Reconstruction) [Styles Upon Styles]
Yoshinori Hayashi - 0208 (Prins Thomas remix) [Smalltown Supersound]
Native Red - We Are Warriors [Fauve Records]
Prins Thomas - Ambitions (Isolee Remix) [Small-town Supersound]
Maxine Alexander feat $hakes - BSA freestyle #1 [Monologue]
Mor Elian - Clairvoyant Frog [Visible Spectrum]
Angelina Rose - Cherish [Infinite Plane]
DJ Paulo - Curtir [Paraiso]
60 miles - Arcade [Unknown]
Lukas Lyrestarn - Bike Ride with U [Skylax Recordings]
Yansina [Tweedle Cans]
SCSI - 9 - Aethereus [Apparel Tronic]
Kuzma Palkin - 25-11-the [Sierpinski Curve]
Happa - Clip [Whities Blue]
Daisy Moon - Geometry of Curves [Idle Hands]
Yohei S - CContact [Parallel Lines]
Gacha Bakradze - Employee [Bassiani]
Function - Downtown 161 [Tresor]
Mor Elian - Planet Kismet [Visible Spectrum]
Function - Interdimensional Interference [Tresor]
Daniel 58 - If it’s Dead Now, When was it alive? [Parallel Lines]
The Dead Mauriacs - Orchestre Mecanique avec escalier roulant / Brussels - Japon / Danses de Salon, divers vertiges / Seconde ambassade / Lounge, lounge, lounge, use elegie distante [Discrepent]

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