Global Roots Radio // 31-01-20

Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. Tracklist:

Neinzer - Falafus [Whities]
Ecker & Meulyzer - Melting Refuge [Subtext]
Prequel Tapes - Dragons (Session 1)
Avondlicht - When You Come Close
Polyswitch - Ancestral Fever Queniv [Unknown Territory]
Naroro Farley Untitled (love story)
Daniel Avery & Alesandro Cortini - Illusion of Time
Yagya - Wondering in the Fog
Zopelar - Jazz da XV
E - Heavy - Golden Butterflies (Instrumental)
DC Salas - Sentimental Overdrive
Angelina Rose - Midnight Talk
Lukas Lyrestom - Raw Loop [Skylax]
Kit Sebastian - Duma (Baris K Dub) [Farout]
Midnight Runners - House Bangra (Midnight Runners Edit)
Gordo - Tribal Rave [The Message]
Yansima - Hold Her [R&S]
Carmen Villain - Observable Future (Parris Remix)
Konx Om-Pax - Return to Cascada
Hooverian Blur - Laluviah
Perko - Stutter
Zadig - Kuro & Shiro
Carmen Vilain - I Trust You (Dj Python RMX)

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