Global Roots Radio: New Music with Thristian // 01-04-20

Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. Tracklist:

Segue - Nimbus [Air Texture]
Other Lives - For their Love [PIAS]
Yamanenko - Tripel Karmelist [Local Action]
Samuel Rohrer - The Grid [Concentric Records]
Sweatson Klank - All is Alone [Friends of Friends]
Soft Boi - Fais Moi Guerre (feat. NastyChong) [Climate of Fear]
The Colours That Rise - Get Away [Rhythm Section]
Amadou Suso - Kaira [Exile at Home]
Ment - I’m Fading [Fate and Fiction Records]
Cruzloma - Supay [Air Texture]
Darkstar - Jam [Warp Recordings]
Mumpers - Sirus [Drab Queen]
Active Surplus - One Beyond [Pacific Rhythm]
Tristan Arp - Oblique House [Banofee Pies]
Aera - Brackets [Innervisions]
Cosmonection & Tour Maubourg - Voyage Cosmique - Pont Neuf
Natural / Electronic System - Mariba [Tikita]
Lorenzo Morresi - Sistema [Fly by Night Music]
Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire - Check What The Time Is [Another Moon]
Hala Bahma - My Emi [R&S Records]

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