Global Roots Radio: Sun Runners 女神の恋人達 // 25-01-19

Thris Tian hosts Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. For this show, Thris is joined by sound curator, music selector (Free-jay), musician, producer, lighting designer Sun Runners 女神の恋人達 aka Lord Tusk for a guest mix and a chat to talk about his upcoming album Lust For Life.

Quavius - Let It Rock [Lustwerk Music]
21 Savage - A Lot [Slaughter Gang, LLC/Epic Records]
Old Practice & Confucius MC & Morriarchi Feat. Blu - What Ifs? [Group Bracil]
Tariq Disu - Lust Or Lil More [Independent]
Fémina - Brillando [Fémina]
James Blake Feat. Andre 3000 - Where's The Catch? [Polydor]
Roots Manuva & Doug Wimbish - Spit Bits [Independent]
10.4 ROG, (Liv).e - Beamin' [Liv.e]
Kofi Stone - Same Old [Our Nation Records]
Kryptonyte Feat. Jade Fox - All For My Wifey [Dolfin Records]
Black Taffy - Geraldine [Leaving Records]
Bonobo - Ibrik [White Label]
K-LONE - Dance Of The Vampires [White Label]
Gagle/Vanta Black Inst - Utsurogi Inst [Jazzy Sport]
Tendts - Cosmic Swimmer [Public Release Recordings]
Charlotte Adigery - Paténipat [DEEWEE]
Gunnar Haslam - Cacique De Poyals [Unearthed Sounds]
Repeat - Drifting Sounds Of Wikiki [Difficult Shapes]
Mehmet Aslan - A1 Prelude [Planisphere Music]
Tyler Dancer - Nyx [Don't Be Afraid]
Aubrey - Floating To Rigel [Independent]
Legowelt - Star Simulator II [Legowelt]
The Maghreban - Finagling [Zoot Records]
Aubrey - Saros Cycle [Out-Electronics Recordings]
Quavius - Find Ready [Lustwerk Music]
Bambounou - Temple [Independent]
James Holden - Solidarity Theme (Release) [White Label]
Fantasma - Lament [Forthcoming]
Nicola Cruz - Señor De Las Piedras [ZZK Records]
Mana - Seven Steps Behind [Hyperdub]
Elsa Hewitt - That Thing [Forthcoming]
Black Midi - Speedway [M1 19 12 18]
Ivan Conti - Que Legal (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix) [Far Out Recordings]
\\Sunrunners Mix//
Sunrunners - 女神の恋人達 (Goddess Lovers) [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - Night [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - Lust For Life [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - Desires [UltraWaveVisions]
Sunrunners - Hurting Inside [Unreleased]
Sunrunners - Climax [UltraWaveVisions]
Bbrainz - Eternal [Slythe]
Sunrunners - Crucial [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - Verocious [Unreleased]
Sunrunners - What's That You Slipped Into My Wine [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - For The Taking [Unreleased]
Sunrunners - Multiplex Memory [UltraWaveVisions]
Sunrunners - The One [UltraWaveVisions]
Sunrunners - Lust For Life (Medley) [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - What Goes Around Comes Around [Apron Records]
Sunrunners - Champions [Apron Records]

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