Global Roots Radio: Thris Tian with Bakongo and Brazilian Wax // 13-09-19

Our flagship weekly new music show with Global Roots, exploring underground culture and international vibrations. For this week's show, Thris is joined by Bakongo and Brazilian Wax. Wayne has been at the forefront of UK underground music, merging genres and pushing UK Funky for just over a decade. With so many styles and influences around including his Jamaican heritage as well as South African house styles, back in 2008 he was able to start two projects at once - continuing to pursue the Roska route with UK Funky having its peak around 2011 he was able to tour the world for years to come becoming an ambassador for the sound and clearly the only artist to have had such success. Brazilian Wax are Leeds-based DJs, presenters and party-starters, Joe Osborne & Henry Weekes. Committed to sharing the weird and wonderful from Brazil with the rest of the UK, they're putting on parties nationwide this autumn alongside Emma-Jean Thackray, Mr. Bongo, and Global Roots.

Andi Otto Feat. Evariste Karinganire - Igisasa [Shika Shika]
Lard Free - Warinobaril [Vamp Records]
Hector Plimmer Feat. Andrew Ashong - Somebody Else [Albert's Favourites]
LARRY HEARD - Deja Vu [Innervisions]
A Sagittariun - Along Black River [Running Back Germany]
Jeff Blank - Manifesto [Omega Capricorni]
Herbert - I Hadn't Known (I Only Heard) [Phonography]
Frank Wiedemann & Roman Flügel - Tears On The Dancefloor [Innervisions]
Skrimz - Pom'Pom [44 Tours Records]
SAUL - Ping Pong [Rhythm Section International]
Molinaro - EMBER [Apron Records]
Gonzo - Estorvo [Discrepant]
Fahmi Mursyid - Wirama (Kendang) [One Instrument]
Spatial - Reification [OOH-sounds]
Mirouf - Joyride [44 Tours Records]
PROC FISKAL - Pico [Hyperdub]
Peel Seamus - Funcrusher Minus
- Brazillian Wax Guest Mix -
Os Maracatu - Você Abusou [Disques Festival]
Novos Baianos - Sorrir E Cantar Como Bahia [Discos Continental]
Ana Paula Lopez - Sinho Do Tempo [Tratore]
Sergio Mendes - Canto de Ubirantan [A&M Records]
Os Tincõas - Atabaque Chora [RCA]
Seu Jorge - Eu Sou Favela [ST2 Records]
Paulo Moura - Rio Negro (Carrot Green Extended Mix) [White Label]
Flora Purim - Open Your Eyes You Can Fly [Milestone]
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Simbarere [RCA Victor]
Elis Regina - Aprendendo A Jogar [Odeon]
Bernardo Pinheiro - Deixa A Petecar Cair [Barefoot Beats]
Teto Preto - Pedra Preta [Mamba Rec]
Joutro Mundo - Energia [Midnight Riot]
Bo Lerio - Judith Ravitz [NMC United Entertainment]
Sarajane - A Roda [EMI]
- Global Roots -
Ross Alexander - Homage To The Cause [Discrepant]
- Bakongo Guest Mix -
Bakongo - Momoweb [Unreleased]
Bakongo - Dead Line [Kicks and Snares]
Bakongo - Bout It [Livity Sound Recordings]
Bakongo - Goulbap [Livity Sound Recordings]
Bakongo - Be My Guest [White Label]
Bakongo - Bongo Crush [Conch]
Bakongo - Tribal Warrior [White Label]
Bakongo - Branches [RKS]
Stratcha DVA - Lost (Bakongo Remix) [DVA Music]
Bakongo - Awe [Pinkturban]
Bakongo - Bobo [RKS]
Bakongo - Decider [White Label]
Bakongo - 100 Leaves [White Label]
Bakongo - Atmosphere [White Label]
Bakongo - Command [Conch]
Bakongo - Disposition [Livity Sound Recordings]
Bakongo - Skin 2 Skin [RKS]

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