Global Roots Radio: Thristian // 08-05-20

Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. Tracklist:

Dewa Alit, Gamelan Salukat - Genetic [Black Truffle]

Cerrero feat. Coladera - Sutileza (versión de alborada) [Llorona Records]

Juan Ramos - Going Somewhere [ESP International]

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Carrying Gravity [Ghostly International]

Calexico - Dia de los Muertos: Nuestro Hermano, el Hechicero Cheech Hace el Hoochie Coochie con los Monstruos Gilas y los Sapos de Cuernos [Quaterstick Records]

Dean Blunt - TRIDENT 2 [World Music]

Oscar #Worldpeace - Leave The Devil Outside (feat. The Streets) [Sporadic/Worldpeace Records]

Mr Beatnick Honeycomb [Mythstery Records]

Pantayo - Eclipse - Telephone Explosion

Buscabulla - Club Tú y Yo - Ribbon Music

Meth Math - Conejo Malo - Real Life Music

G. Markus - Tite - Melodymathics

Byron The Aquarius - Falling in Love (Dub) - Shall Not Fade

Lack - Machine Club - LIVITY SOUND

King Britt - BACK2BLACK (kb master) - Black Catalogue

Magic Drum Orchestra - Two Bs One White feat. Farda P (Minor Science Remix) - Tru Thoughts

Moor - Sommersalt - PLATTE

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