Gondwana Records: Hania Rani

Hania Rani celebrates her newly released collection for ‘Music for Film and Theatre’ and has put together two hours of music that reminds her of the Summer season. Music from recent months and last year, including fellow Gondwana label mates, plus a personal tribute to the influential composer Jon Hassell who recently passed away.

Hania Rani - Soleil Pale (Music For Film & Theatre, 2021)

Patrick Watson - Can't Stop Staring at the Sun (A Mermaid in Lisbon, 2021)

Les Filles de Illighadad - Imigradan ( Eghass Malan, 2017)

Portico Quartet - Terrain: III (Terrain, 2021)

Jon Hassell - Fearless (Seeing Through Sand, 2020)

Dominique Dumont - People On Sunday

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine - Olympus

La Femme - Exorciseur

Awir Leon - Wolf

Patrick Watson - A Marmaid in Lisbon

Viktor Orri Arnason - Nectar

Hania Rani - Hawaii Oslo live from Studio S2

Jon Hassell - Map Of Dusk

Hania Rani - Wildfires

Mark Pritchard - Under the Sun

Ibrahim Maalouf - Will Soon Be A Woman (live at Babylon)

Feathered Sun - How Strange / Nicola Cruz Remix (How Strange, 2017)

Polo & Pan - Jiminy (Cyclorama, 2021)

Shye Ben Tzur, Johnny Greenwood & The Rajastan Express - Junun (Junun, 2015)

Wolgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Sonata N.16 in C Major / performed by Vikingur Olafsson (2021)

Hania Rani - The Beach (Music For Film & Theatre, 2021)

Peter Broderick - Let It Go (Blackberry, 2021)

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