Gondwana Records: Vega Trails

This month the Gondwana take over show is presented by bassist and composer Milo Fitzpatrick of Vega Trails and is curated in collaboration with fellow band mate and saxophonist Jordan Smart.

In the show Milo will be playing tracks from the debut record by Vega Trails, ‘Tremors in the Static’, as well as diving into the influences which have inspired the two musicians’ approach to their respective instruments and tracks that helped inform the making of this album. In between all this will be the rivers and streams of sound that make up the links in Milo’s head; old stuff like Jan Johansson, Jaco Pastorius, Steve Reich, and new stuff from Ruth Goller, Tom Herbert and The Vernon Spring. Masters, friends, ambient, classical, jazz, folk and most importantly those little spaces in between.

1. Octet – Steve Reich

2. Love Your Grace – Vega Trails

3. Arcs – Nightports and Tom Herbert

4. The Platform on the Ocean – Arthur Russell

5. For Michalis – Harris Lambrakis Quartet

6. Matadjem Yinmixan – Tinariwen

7. Missa Luba An African Mass 1. Kyrie – Dir by Boniface Mganga

8. Shoreless – Mammal Hands

9. Visa Från Utanmyra – Jan Johansson

10. Pre Barok – Mika Levi, Oliver Coates

11. Two For C – Aneon

12. Often they came to visit, even just to see how she was (M1) – Ruth


13. Okonkole y Trompa – Jaco Pastorius

14. Poverty and its Opposites (Live) – Arve Henriksen

15. Last Leviathan – Kit Downes

16. Spiral Slow – Vega Trails

17. Fantas for saxophone and Voice – Catarina Barbieri, Bendik Giske

18. Reflector – Bing & Ruth

19. Ray Cats – Oneohtrix Point Never

20. Sawdust and Diamonds – Joanna Newsome

21. Epic Dream – Vega Trails

22. Sunset Village – The Vernon Spring

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