Greg Wilson's Early 80s Mixtape #2

Revisiting the underground black/dance music of the early-‘80s, initially played in the UK under the Jazz-Funk banner and, subsequently, following the emergence of Electro-Funk as the dominant direction on the black music scene, paving the way for the oncoming Hip Hop, House and Techno denominations, Greg Wilson’s two-hour monthly for Worldwide FM, ‘Early ‘80s Mixtape’, will consist of twelve interlocking parts, to culminate in a days-worth of quality classic and cult club tunes from 1980 through 1983.

Best-known during this period for his residencies at Legend in Manchester, Wigan Pier and later The Haçienda, Greg introduced a more electronic flavour to the existing black music scene, his regular mixes for Mike Shaft’s show on Piccadilly Radio, bringing this then underground music to the airwaves of Greater Manchester and beyond – his mixes spreading via cassette recordings of the show, copied and shared far and wide.

1.First Choice ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ - Shep Pettibone Mix

2.Class Action Featuring Chris Wiltshire ‘Weekend’ - Larry Levan Mix

3.George Duke - ‘Brazilian Love Affair’

4.Chuck Ciccel - ‘Cisselin’ Hot’

5.Kat Mandu ‘The Break’ - Michael Arato & Steve Thompson Mix

6.Locksmith ‘Blackjack’

7.The Whatnauts ‘Help Is On The Way’ - Tee Scott Mix

8.Garfield Fleming ‘Don’t Send Me Away’

9.P-Funk All Stars ‘Hydraulic Pump Part III’

10.Deodato ‘Night Cruiser’

11.Advance ‘Take Me To The Top’

12.Trussel ‘Love Injection’

13.Linda Taylor ‘You And Me Just Started’

14.Extra T’s ‘E.T. Boogie’ - Instrumental

15.Newtrament ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ – Nigel Green Dub Mix

16.Northend ‘Tee’s Happy’ - Tee Scott Mix

17.Q ‘The Voice Of Q’ - Instrumental

18. Universal Robot Band ‘Barely Breaking Even’ - John Morales Instrumental Mix

19. Weeks & Co. ‘If You’re Looking For Fun’ - Shep Pettibone Master Dub Mix

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