HAAi // 28-07-20

Tune in as DJ and producer HAAi sits in for Gilles Peterson's show to explore and experiment with new sounds and new ways of making music. HAAi is an insatiable collector of musical mavericks, from Thai funk to Turkish funk and psych rock, African beats right through to techno. Since her residency at London's Phonox a couple of years ago, she's been playing to audiences in clubs and festivals all over the world, adding to her collection as she goes. HAAi has music out on Mute Records and her own label, Coconut Beats.

Sault - Pray Up, Bless Up (Untitled/Black is)
Admiral - Lonely Palms Couch Party
Irreversible Entanglements - Bread Out Of Stone
Figen Han - Pisi Pisi
Khruangbin - Time (you and I)
Midlife - I’m Blau
Richard H. Kirk - Soul Catcher
Khruangbin - People Everywhere (still Alive) - Vuelo Dub Mix
Jeff Parker - Build A Nest (Feat. Ruby Parker)
The Colours That Rise - Get Away
Samba De La Muerte - Lockdown Groove (feat. The Supreme Urville Choir)
Lonnie Holley - In It Too Deep
Vex Ruffin - I’m Still At It
Samba De La Muerte - Backbone (feat. Martin Daguerre)
Ezra Collective - Shakara feat. KOKOROKO
Khruangbin - Connaissais de Face
Medline - SunSonSoul
LB aka LABAT x MR.FRIES - LB aka LABAT- 1993
Bayetë & Probably Sean - Corona Theresa
SAULT - Out The Lies
Moses Boyd - Y.O.Y.O.
Super Drama feat Reece Spooner - Never Stop
Basalt (玄武岩) - Closet Yi
Delay Grounds - Glass Refrect
HAAi - Rotating In Unison

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