Haseeb Iqbal with Ashley Walters // 14-02-21

Radio host, DJ and spoken word poet Haseeb Iqbal is back for his monthly show. On this month’s show, Haseeb is joined by actor, rapper and songwriter Ashley Walters in for an in-depth two hour conversation. Whether it is the energetic flow of Asher D in the prolific garage collective So Solid Crew, or playing the formiddable lead role of Dushane in the acclaimed Top Boy, Ashley's talents stretch far and wide. They examine the importance of role models in eradicating youth violence and knife crime, as well as what he has learned from being a father of eight. Mapping the importance of his long-term collaborators Kano and Noel Clarke, Ashley also explores his recent directorial debut and what that has taught him as a new lens of storytelling. One of the busiest and most talented men about - tune in for two scintillating hours of conversation accompanied by music throughout.

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