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Ricardo Ray introduced the term on the cover of its 1966 album Se Soltó (On The Loose), which includes Lookie Lookie, one of the first tracks under that tag. The breakthrough came when the American charts exploded with smash hits such as Joe Cuba’s Bang! Bang!, Pete Rodriguez's I Like It Like That and Joe Bataan’s Gipsy Woman, tracks that defined perfectly the freshness and coolness of the style and helped enormously Afro-Latin culture exposure in the US and abroad. Its reign as one the most popular Latin styles was short-lived and faded out around 1970-71 giving a free path to "salsa" to become the most successful Latin music style ever. Sadly, nothing could be further from the reality or significance of the original term. The one that celebrates the union of two rich and different cultures as one and the joy of music and dance. That’s why we want to express: Leave Boogaloo Alone! ¡Dejen Quieto Al Bugalú!

Bobby Valentin - Geronimo

Joe Cuba Sextet - Pud-Da-Din

Mike Ensenat And His Orch. - Let’s Be In Pretty Baby

Johnny Colon & Orchestra - What You Mean?

Eddie Palmieri - Ay Que Rico!

Harlow Orch. - Freak Off

Joe Cuba Sextet - Do You Feel It?

Ray Rodriguez - Afroloo

Joey Pastrana - Afro Azul

Bobby Valentin - Bad Breadth

Lebron Brothers - Boogaloo Lebron

Vladimir And His Orchestra - Baby Boo Boogaloo

Eddie Palmieri - African Twist

Ricardo Ray - Lookie Lookie

Charlie Palmieri - Bugalu

Bobby Valentin - Batman Boogaloo

Willie Colon - Willie Baby

Pete Rodriguez - Juana
Bobby Pauneto - Why Is Woody Sad?

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