Heard and Felt: Ennio Styles

Ennio presents two hours of sounds from Australian artists and labels, with a few extras from our friends across the sea in New Zealand. Including collaborations with global artists and labels like Osunlade, Waajeed, Darker Than Wax, Agogo, Freestyle, Atjazz, Compost, Soundway and more.

Don Glori - Ponte [Bedroom Suck]

Cy Gorman - Hiwave [Heard and Felt]

Summer Vee - Judas [Manuka]

Izy - They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Remix) [Hope Street]

Steady Weather feat. Rita Satch - CP3 [Darker Than Wax]

Inkswel feat. Eliza Dickson - Why Don’t You Listen (Waajeed’s Just Listen Dub) [Atjazz]

Sarco - Walking On

Joshua Amour - Don’t Let Go [Astral People]

Achingdrum - All I See is You [Spirit Level]

JK Group - Rising Part 1 [La Sape]

Foshe - Terrigal

Surprise Chef - Suburban Breeze [Big Crown]

Suff Daddy - Raki for 600 [823]

Opalised Toucan - You Make Me Float

Wallace - Tickled Pink

30/70 - Without You, Within Me [Energy Exchange]

David Versace - Saguaro [La Sape]

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Languages of Pao [Kryptox]

Goodmood - Fortune Cookie [Energy Exchange]

lovefear - Serena Riddim

Close Counters - Snap to It! [The Remedy Project]

Borrowed CS - Straight Shooter

Inkswel & Colonel Red - Save Ya Self [Compost]

Don Glori - Dlareme [Bedroom Suck]

Clear Path Ensemble - Kihi [Soundway]

Myele Manzanza - When We Could Dance Together (Sampology Remix) [DeepMatter]

The Shaolin Afronauts - Abyssinian Suite Part 4 [Freestyle]

Black Jesus Experience - Good Evening Black Buddha [Agogo]

Nu Article - Slippin’ [Porch]

Charbel - XTC [Farmer & The Owl]

Emma Volard - Regenerate [The Operatives]

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