Heels & Souls with Barbara Boeing

Tune in for a two-hour monthly show from Heels & Souls - London's foremost not-for-profit party and recently launched reissue label. Expect obscurities and forthcoming gems of all stripes and shades from the duo alongside a selection of brilliant diggers the world over on guest duties.

This month Heels & Souls are joined by one of Brazil's finest, Bárbara Boeing. Co-captain of the Alter Disco parties / mix series and now residing in Lisbon, she offers up a flawless 60-minute mix that travels the globe with a big nod to her beloved Brazil.

Apelsin - Igatsus

Douaa - Haditouni

Paris Bis - Unis Dans La Nuit Unique

Fredrica Tibbs - Gilpatrik Groove

Carlton - Come On Back

Fixx - Reach The Beach (Dub)

Legion of Green Men - Stars Above, Stars Below (Patience Part 3)

Manuel Darquart - Keep It DXy (Manny D's Sleazy Sunday Mix

Jobe Elliott-King - Brazen

Fast Floor - Hold It Down

The K Collective - Never Stop (Hard Dub Mix)

Magnum Force - Want You So Bad

One Time One Vibe - She Likes My Love Song (Remix)

Mahoza - Kortes (Kasi Luv)

Volume Ten - Pride (Dub Version)

GFH - Magicarpe

Barbara Boeing Tracklist:

Terra Vida - Zasou Edit

Margareth Menezes - Chegar à Bahia

Dazion - Candle in a Hurricane

Quiet Force - Listen to the Music

Sergio Mendez - Fisherman

Jimmy Blanche - Dou van Jou

Cid Guerreiro - Menina do Olho Azul

Abóbora - Nada eu faço bem

Tullio de Piscopo - Stop Bajon (instrumental)

Why - Loco dub mix


Chove Chuva (extended mix)

Baiser - Summer Breeze

Marina Lima - Seize the Night (Criança)

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