Honey Badger Records // 15-03-2019

JNS presents a 2-hour Honey Badger Records show. Honey Badger Records is the oldest and most well-known electronic music record label based in Seoul, founded by JNS in 2014, specialised in creative and forward-thinking dance music. It has signed artists such as Sojeso, DJ Bowlcut, Two Tone Shape, Mignon, Kim Kate and released 13 EPs and 1 Compilation album. HBR will continuously present new albums from the label artists and the 2nd label compilation album in 2019.

JNS - Childhood Summertime [Honey Badger Records]
Sojeso - Memo [HBRLP01]
Sojeso - Nice D (feat.Bemmy) [HBRLP01]
Sojeso - Between 1990 [HBRVA02]
Mignon - Kay’s Theme [HBRVA02]
Mignon - Urban Forest [HBR013]
Halla - Bless Me [HBRVA02]
Halla - The Hard Cookie
Two Tone Shape - Constant [HBRVA02]
Cabinett - Generator [HBRVA01]
Two Tone Shape - Hymn Of Potentiality
Closet Yi - murumuru palm tree [HBRVA02]
Closet Yi - untitled
JNS - I’ve Heard the Future [HBRVA01]
JNS - 123bpm [HBR011]
JNS - Sub Zero [HBRVA02]
DJ Bowlcut - 37th Chambre [HBRVA01]
DJ Bowlcut - PyongYang Hardcore Resistance [HBRVA02]
Inamura Carft - Macho System [HBRVA02]
Inamura Carft - Ingan
Kim Kate - Nested Loop [HBRVA02]
Kim Kate - One Note Rave (Warehouse Edit)
Apromani - DGTF [HBRVA02]

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