Hot Singles Club // 09-05-20

Tune in for a two hour show from Hot Singles Club. Playing everything from the symphonies of long forgotten stoned soul to the esoteric jerkers of world Taboosique, Hot Singles Club have created a space on the dance floor where even the most reluctant dancers will get down for a knees up. Lockdown and lock in! Tracklist:

Dislocation Dance - Show Me
Altin gun - sofor bey
makadam - prijatelj njene kuće
Malone and Barnes - Workin Plan
Wallias Band - Wa Hoye
Zafer dilek- hey onbesli
Ethyos 440 - chronos
Local artist - touch tone
La Femme - hypsoline
Nora Dean - angie la la
52nd street - look into my eyes
Tom Tom club - you don’t stop (wordy rapping hood)
LS Deizel - Round the bend
Glowing Palms - ask me after midnight
Deux - everybody’s night
Eros - go for it
Marju kuut - uski kuid vabana
Y gershovsky - be cool
Nightbirds - undertow
Kapingdbi- you go go you go come
Augustus pablo - cassava piece 79 style
Sydney Joe Quails - how can you say goodbye
A certain ratio - touch
Wish - touch me (all night long)
Ermanative - planet B
Cleaners from Venus - corridor of dreams
The dynamics - get myself high
Burt Bacharach - something big
Stereolab - come play with me in the milky night
Nitin sawnhey - Nadia

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