Indie as Fuck: Boxout.FM is a New Delhi-based online radio station that has been in existence since April 2017. It came into being at a time when a community-run platform showcasing alternative music and its related cultures in India did not exist. As a radio station, presents a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes, one that is wholly curated by individuals rather than algorithms. Tune in to part one of Indie As Fuck and join in the celebrations! Over the next three hours hear Arushi Jain showcasing her label and productions and catch the Social Isolation label spinning their ambient music. Also, Maed In India with be presenting a set of live recordings made especially for their show!

Vast Deferens - Reverie [ Social Isolation I ]
Corridors - For Neriah (Part 2) [ Social Isolation I ]
Avilente - The Silent Green [ Social Isolation I ]
Aastik Koshy - Whale I [ Social Isolation II ]
Subtraktive - coronTime [ Social Isolation II ]
Shantam - The Late Kate Jam [ Social Isolation II ]
A \ S \ O \ M - Error 606 [ Social Isolation II ]
TITO+National Animal - Hangbird [ Social Desolation ]
NiViD - New Low [ Social Desolation ]
Kaali - Syria [ Social Desolation ]
Investigations of a Dog - That is the reason why the science of music is accorded greater
esteem than that of nurture, but also why the former has never penetrated so deeply into the life
of people [ Social Desolation ]
Sha - Machines [ Sha - Spectre EP ]
Coma Conscience - Sutjeq [ Coma Conscience - Clicks & Cuts EP ]
philterSoup - lim·i·na [ philterSoup - Decoherence EP ]
Derain, ELM, Vridian - Rivals [ Derain, ELM, Vridian - Rivals EP ]
Coma Conscience - Rainforest Meditation (unreleased)
Derain - Sundaze (unreleased)

Bawari Basanti - Chalein Kahin
Fuzz Culture - Kids In The Dark
Azamaan Hoyvoy - ELFL
UNOHU - Eats Itself
Voctronica - Car Jam
aswekeepsearching - Over & Out
Arushi Jain - Live Sessions, San Francisco
Alam Khan - Miyan Ki Malhaar
Arooj Aftab - Man Kunto Maula
Ganavya Doraiswami - Nithakam
Utsav Lal - Vande Mataram
Anoushka Shankar - Boat To Nowhere
Rohan Krishnamurthy / The Alaya Project ft. Roopa Mahadevan - Sing a Song
Sheila Chandra & The Ganges Orchestra - Pure Drone 10
Arushi Jain - String of Pearls
Arushi Jain - Hum Honge Kaamyab (Instrumental)

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