International Tribe: 1-800 Girls // 11-09-20

This week's International Tribe mix comes from London-based DJ and producer 1-800 Girls. 1-800 GIRLS is a light hearted, playful reference to hotlines and sex-work, with the intention of helping to break the stigma attached to it. The underlying message being simply – Fight Sexism, Not Sex-work. Having started out with his release 'U, Me and Madonna' (Which popularly featured a video homage to vogue-ing) he has since released several emotionally tinged releases which has moulded the 1-800 sound into one that embodies those feelings of unity on the dance-floor, through fusing genres and soundscapes that welcome all. This mix is an eclectic journey through all my favourite tracks right now, starting off emotional and twisting and turning all the way through to high energy percussive.

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