International Tribe: Asquith // 28-01-18

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Asquith.  Asquith founded the label Lobster Theremin back in 2013, with its debut release from Palms Trax. The label has now gone on to be one of the epicentres of the global dance scene, with a highly respected distribution service and a physical shop in Hackney. He has had multiple releases under a range of aliases included Chicago Flotation Device, Tom Hang and his now latest artist title Asquith. With multiple releases and an expanding taste, the London based artist takes influence from all across the scene, including the sounds of UKG, Warehouse Techno and Melancholic house.

Jeals - Finally [Forthcoming Lobster UNDR]
Manuel Fischer - Шопска [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
Patrik Sjeren - Himpa [Inta]
Map.ache - Borowski [Kann]
Prince Of Queens - Marecutek [White Label]
Consumer Watchdawgz - Track 1 [Butter Sessions]
1800HaightStreet - Confess [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
Naom - Earth Is Crying [Standalone]
Dawl - Caught With A Spray Can [Tone Dropout]
Dawl - Party’s In The Basement [Tone Dropout]
Todd Osborne - Z-Lock [Portage Garage Sounds]
Manuel Fischer - Bin Chicken In Fitzroy [Forthcoming Lobster
Shedbug - Rubber [Forthcoming Lobster UNDR]
ASOK - We Are [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
Andy Garvey - Meta Physical [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
ASOK - HEX [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]

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