International Tribe: Bassiani PT 2

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix is the second edition in the two part series from Bassiani. Bassiani is the nightclub, label and music haven based in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi. For the second part of the series Kvanchi steps up to represent the sounds of Bassiani’s LGBTQ night Horoom. The night, celebrates LBGTQ rights in a country which is typically conservative and “was also founded as an “intentional political statement” in response to the pervading climate of homophobia in Georgia”. With a sister label to Bassiani Records, the Horoom imprint has had releases from the likes of Francis Harris, Hamatsuki, Marquis Hawkes and a forthcoming release from Gacha Bakradze. Kvanchi steps up with a killer selection of club cuts and forthcoming material. Tracklist:

Gacha Bakradze - Toulouse [Horoom Records]
D. Tiffany - Butterfly Foundation [00:AM]
Call Super and Parris - Chiselers Rush [Canufeelthesunonyrback]
Kiyadama - e11 rux [Ride The Gyroscope]
Karsten Pflum - Earthday (John Tejada Remix) [Touched Revolutions]
Afriqua - Space Dookie (Ft. Big Farma) [R & S Records]
Aybee - In The [RDV Music]
Hagan - Yenkyi [Python Syndicate]
Ivaylo - Karla [Full Pupp]
ItaloJohnson - ITJ05B1 (Bambounou Remix) [ItaloJohnson]
Yaleesa Hall - Zoe Price [Will n Ink]
Bushwacka! - Oh So Good [End Recordings]
Markey - Bounce [Cajual Records]
Bodeler - Haiku [Musica Lunar]
Malin Genie & Per Hammar - Scania [Malin Genie]
Silverlining - Pleasures & Treasures [Wiggle]
Gathaspar - Op. 4 [chypre]
Boreal Massif - Spatial Patterns [Pessimist Productions]

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