International Tribe: Entity London // 04-04-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from UKG imprint Entity London.  Entity London is the London born imprint run by Shai Spooner. Aiming to champion the music they believe in and never compromise in any way, the imprint is truly London bred, taking strong influences from the UK. Recent releases have leaned towards old school Garage, House and Breakbeat influences. They host regular parties with the help of resident DJs Mulshaw and JJ Beteta. "This special mix is a blend of 2step, break step and UKG and explores a secret stash of rare records that I’ve been waiting for the right occasion to play. There’s also a load of new forthcoming music from the Entity family, and friends of the label, played for the first time here." Tracklist:

Si'Ke DJs (Malin Genie Remix) ‎– Snap Back E.P. [Swink Music Records]
Ease Up George - cmd +s - [Unreleased]
Chris Geschwinder - Dales Lullaby [NorthSouth Records]
Perception - So Good [Mood Swing]
SkyKap - Endorphins (V.I.P.Mix) [Monie Muzik]
SkyJoose - Bashment Girls [White Label]
Jameson - Take It Easy [White Label]
Harry Lime - Ruffneck [Harry Lime]
Ease - Up - George - SumDaank111 [Entity : London]
Notre3k - Wtfs Going On M8 [Unreleased]
Sirius - DJ Never Seen [Lime Limited]
Perception - Limitless [Entity : London]
Adam K & Franz S - A Team [Draft Recordings]

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