International Tribe: Henry Greenleaf // 07-11-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Henry Greenleaf.  23-year-old Henry Greenleaf is one of the young leading lights in the UK’s bass-led Techno sphere. Relocating from his native London to Bristol after graduating Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University he is carving a sound and reputation for himself that is rooted in rich, low-end, percussive sound. Releasing a sold out EP on Par Avion in 2019 (the emerging label run by long time friend Agrippa where Henry is the in house graphic designer) and with releases on Glasstalk, Wellstreet Records, Temple of Sound and Par Avion (again) all within the next 12 months, 2020 is looking up for the young producer. His new EP “Patent” will be out on vinyl this November 15th in all nice stores.

Room recording of Ty & I at The Social [Room Recording from an iPhone]
Henry Greenleaf - Unknown [Forthcoming Temple of Sound]
Glances - Sleuth [Unreleased]
Cando - No Más [Unreleased]
Henry Greenleaf & Josh Scott - Shamu [Unreleased]
Henry Greenleaf - Stam [Forthcoming Par Avion]
Henry Greenleaf - Unknown [Unreleased]
Cando - Clutch [Bring in on 2nd drop]
An Arvin - Clodhopper [Unreleased]
Sub Basics - Unknown [Unreleased]
Henry Greenleaf - Redox Jam [Forthcoming Temple of Sound]
Liam Robertson - Wrestling Halfbeak Fighting Taxa [Forthcoming Redstone Press] Stacey Sexton - Necessary Desire [Forthcoming Allcentre]
Henry Greenleaf - Unknown [Forthcoming Par Avion]
Agrippa - Sweep Left Leg [start from drop] [Unreleased]
Louis Marlo - Voice [Forthcoming Merriware Records]
Die Wilde Jagd - Morgenrot (Luigi Tozzi Remix) [Forthcoming Minimood]
Chants - Muzzoline (Morwell Remix) [Unreleased]
Lo Chi - Catch Momentum [Unreleased]
HG/LC - Twice Left [Unreleased]
Louis Marlo - Body Memory [Forthcoming Merriware Records]

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