International Tribe: Katerina // 02-05-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Katerina. Katerina from Helsinki – Finland via Sofia – Bulgaria is a passionate music lover, a skillful DJ, an imaginative music maker, and an emotional hypersensitive artist. She produces music that is essential and timeless – you can hear it on some of the latest Cómeme releases – notably Katerina’s first EP “Just when you thought it was over”, which was praised by both the establishment and the underground. Katerina hosts a show on Radio Cómeme, in which she generously shares her broad musical knowledge and her very particular musical obsessions. "This mix reflects my current optimistic feelings. I wanted to hear soft sounds and lots of beautiful melodies. I aimed for an uplifting mix but couldn't go without a hint of my signature melancholy."

Philip Budny - Eclipses [Church]
DJ Slym - Set Yourself Free [Intangible Records & Soundworks]
Molima - Think'in Bout U (Dub) [Radikal Records]
Darling - Moon Fleet [Safe Trip]
Max Abysmal - Sutekh's Mirage [Safe Trip]
Stabil Elite - Snack Jam [Themes For Great Cities]
Thee J Johanz - Savannah (Alternate Take) [Work For Love]
Katerina - Trouble Boy [Cómeme]
Omar S - She's Sah Hero Nik [FXHE Records]
Derek Carr - Upside Down [Subwax Excursions]
Morenas - Hazme Soñar (Angelino Vocal Dub Mix) [Dance Floor Corporation]
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away [PAN]

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