International Tribe: Martyn Bootyspoon // 25-09-20

Real name Jason Voltaire, the living, breathing, algorithmic persona Martyn Bootyspoon has been revered for years through his sleezetastic vocals on label-mate Sinjin Hawke’s sonical cathedrals. His critically acclaimed debut EP on Fractal Fantasy propels the idea of stripped-back ghetto house, rave infused club bangers into a contemporary context without trimming the phat. He does not shake off this ethos when behind the decks. This Montrealer travels with the deepest crates for the hottest of crowds to get up close and personal. Born and raised Montréaler Martyn Bootyspoon imagines the perfect sonic sweatbox-scenario with an hour mix coming hot off the summer fumes of his 2 B Real / Local Action release Lickety Split!

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