International Tribe: Narcissist // 05-12-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.   This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Narcissist    Narcissist’s own music is a result of 3 years of jam sessions on hardware by Rob Bradley & Marc Ashken. Their music is decidedly self-indulgent and genre spanning, hence the name they go by. Weird vocals, dubby hooks, heavy bass lines and BPMs from 100 to 140. The pair jam with synths, drum machines, samplers and mics until a track comes to light, then record it live before sending out to the world on their own vinyl label of the same name.   Picking up ears from artists and radio hosts around the world who also defy genres. After just two releases Barely Legal has picked them up for her own imprint, Pretty Weird Records, with the EP dropping soon.   

The Narcissist - Lex Luger Theme [WWF]
Superlife - Go Bananas (Instrumental) [B.M.I.]
Le Car - Audiofile 12 [Classic Cuts]
Jorg Kuning - Tunnels [Bakk Heeia Records]
SHKN - 28/12/16 [Spinning Plates/Unreleased]
Narcissist - T3 [Narcissist Records]
Unknown - Unknown [Unknown]
Kalon - Haiku (Female Edit) [District]
Avus - Taken DJ Tool [Stolen Moments]
Ash Brown - Dimension Dub [Lost city Archives]
Narcissist - T2 [Narcissist Records]
Charm Sneak -11/09/16 [Reach Recordz]
Andy Rantzen - 98% [Spinning Plates]
SHKN - 1/11/17 [Spinning Plates/Unreleased]
Soft Cell - Tainted Dub [SBL]

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