International Tribe: RHR // 06-06-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from RHR.  Influenced by Brazil's funky old-school dance scene, by MC's like Primo and Barriga, Proibidão and national rap artists like Ndee Naldinho, 509e and Racionais, the music of RHR (aka Roniere Santos) propagates the memories of the favelas in which he was raised. His sound is his attitude. Taking influences from the sounds of the favelas, his sound explores across the electronic spectrum with club focuses in mind. Having previously collaborated with Omnidisc label head Danny Daze,  his latest release sees him debut on Omnidisc featuring 4 weighty cuts of high precision club music.

G.Paim - Capital Violence, Capital Control [Gowpe]
Mono Junk - Suomen Moroderit Theme [Vortex Traks]
Heidi Sabertooth - So You Want To Take Back Your Will [Serotonin Records]
L-F-D-M - Beaks in Zen [Midnight Shift Records]
Nick Klein - Smelling The Sheets [Alter]
Acaptcha - Sexie Swing 99 [unreleased]
DJ Skurge - Electrocuter [Underground Resistance]
RHR - Ouroboros [unreleased]
December - 2 [Mannequin]
Analogue Audio Association - Naturtrueb [Placid Records]
RHR - Fluxo [Omnidisc]
Filmmaker - Succumbing Empire [Gowpe]
Legowelt - Backwoods_Fantasies [Lies]
The Infiltrator - Something Happened On Dollis Hill [Underground Resistance]

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