International Tribe: Shigeto // 12-09-19

Detroit's Shigeto is inducted into our weekly mix series from around the world, International Tribe.

KG - Obsessions [Unknown]
Drexciya - Quantum Hydrodynamics [Tresor]
Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor - Oye Odo [Terrestrial Funk]
Rafael Cameron - Boogies Gonna Get Ya Instrumental [Sol Soul Records]
J Dilla - Trucks [Pay Jay]
S Transporter - One [Portage Garage Sounds]
Paranoid London - Buck Stoppin [Paranoid London Records]
Elecktroids - Digital Warlock [Clone Aqualung Series]
Green Door All-Stars Ft. Mococo - Tuteme Meets Tafi Atome at 58 (General Ludd Mix) [Autonomous Africa]
J.V.D.V. - Untitled Silicon Sirene LP [WeMe Records]
Stallone The Reducer - Drug Pusher [EST83 Records]
J.V.D.V. - Untitled [WeMe Records]
Charles Trees - Lost World [Portage Garage Sounds]
Ian Fink - Desires Of The Yung Professionals Pt. 2 [Freak Press]
Master Plan - Electric Bail (Large Dub) [Sunset Records]
Mucho Sueno - Tuareg [Cazeria Cazador Records]
D.I.E. - Keep Hanging [Clone]
Vanity 6 - Make Up (Edit) [Secret Mixes Fixes]
Four Tet - Ariel [Text Records]
Chocolate Bamboo - 1 2 DA 3 AND (Tee Connection Mix) [Slammin' Records]
DJ Dez - Save Em [Funk Night Records]
Miyako Koda - A SEA OF LOVE (Seahorse Remix) [Grandisc / 17853 Records]

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