International Tribe: Ulrich Troyer // 31-10-19

International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Ulrich Troyer.  Ulrich Troyer’s artistic approach is dominated by an interaction between architecture, music and fine arts. Troyer’s commitment to dub production methods offer the perfect playground for his sonic experiments. His interest in sound system music (bass, dub, techno and their abstractions) led to the trilogy SONGS FOR WILLIAM (released on 4Bit Productions and DEEP MEDI). "Music is a universal language. It's all about sending out signals and receiving signals - some signals stimulate reflections in someone else or create new signals - others trickle away without echoes. Soulmates and friends are resonating in similar ways, no matter where they are from or what language they speak - they connect through acoustic signals, pulses and frequencies.“ Photo: Eva Kelety (

William Selman - The Island Before The Internet [Mysteries Of The Deep]
Mystica Tribe - Meditation Stick [Syncom Data]
Hey-ø-Hansen - Fire Spirit [Pingipung]
Burnt Friedman - Moslemschleier [Nonplace]
Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri - jeri: Leumbeul [Ndagga]
Tapes & Diggory Kenrick - Pipecleaner [Jahtari]
Baba Zula - Küçük Kurbağa [Milan]
Abranis - Chenar Le Blues [Les Disques Bongo Joe]
Grup Şimşek - 3,2,2,3 [Les Disques Bongo Joe]
Bariş Manço - Eğri Büğrü [Guerssen]
Ozan Ata Canani - Alle Menschen Dieser Erde (grup Ses Remix) [Ironhand Records]
Kel Assouf - Fransa (producer: Sofyann Ben Youssef) [Glitterbeat]
Zia - Helelyos [Finders Keepers Records]
Omar Khorshid - Sabrine [Sublime Frequencies]

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