James Vella: Voice Hardcore // 02-05-2019

James Vella from UK label group Phantom Limb explores unusual vocal techniques from contemporary music, covering Indonesian experimental music, traditional Bulgarian choir, solo whistling and auto-tuned chanting among many other strange and wonderful uses of the human voice.

Ayshay - Shaytan [2011, Tri Angle]
Like A Villain - Overcoming Emotional Trauma and Finding Your Inner Light Vol. II [edit] [2017, First Terrace Records]
Asa Chang & Junray - Hana [2002, Leaf Label]
Angel Bat Dawid - What Shall I Tell My Children That Are Black? [2019, International Anthem]
Hugh Marsh - Miku Murmuration [edit] [2019, Western Vinyl]
Ian William Craig - Set to Lapse [2016, 130701 Records]
Rully Shabara - Uru [2015, Morphine Records]
Rully Shabara - Ahwashwarma [2015, Morphine Records]
Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir - Dragana I Slavei [Nonesuch, 1988]
Aïsha Devi - DNA Feelings [2018, Houndstooth]
Meitei 冥丁 - Touba 塔婆 [2018, Evening Chants]
Dylan Henner - Angels Made a Ring Around Them [edit] [2019, Phantom Limb]
Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby [2018, Erased Tapes]
Phew - Just A Familiar Face [2018, MESH-KEY]
Antoine Beuger - live in Tokyo [2007, self released]
A Lily - Zadie [edit] [2017, Sound in Silence]

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