Jeigo & Louf: 2019 Round Up // 02-01-20

International Tribe co-producers and electronic music makers Jack Carr-Miles (Jeigo) & Louis Fitton (Louf) select their favourite releases from 2019. Tracklist:

Louf //
Kali Malone - The Sacrificial Code I [iDEAL Recordings]
Ghostride The Drift - A2 [xpq?]
Peter Van Hoesen - begin Van Lets Paars [Time To Express]
Andy Stott - Promises [Modern Love Records]
Orson - Agadir [Version]
Dolo Percussion - DOLO 14 [Future Times Records]
Anthony Naples - Channel 2 [ANS]
Barker - Models of Wellbeing [Ostgut Ton]
Beatrice Dillon - Workaround 8 [PAN]
Floating Points - Requiem for CS70 & Strings [Ninja Tune]
Jeigo //
Ivan Iacobucci - Logic Solution [Perlon]
YouandEwan - Cauliflower [Small Hours]
Four Tet - Anna Painting [Text]
Remus - Decent {Blue001]
Instinct - Pistolwhip [Instinct]
Porter Brooks - Groundwork [Groundwork]
Stenny - Detraction [Illian Tape]

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