Joe Muggs with Jhelisa

Journalist, writer and DJ Joe Muggs traverses ambient, neo-classical and experimental sounds.

This month Joe is joined by vocalist and producer Jhelisa.

NOUS, Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda – In This Light

Terry Riley – Remember This

Stef Conner – Ice

Siavash Amini – Daniâl my Son, Where did you Vanish?

MPU101 – 260078

Jean-Louis Huhta – Marja-Liisa

Field of Dreams – Rebuild (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Uptown re-rub)

Kedr Livanskiy – Storm Dancer


7 Keys Vol. 1: C – The Root

Sending You A Message (from Language Electric, 1997)

Secret Place (from Galactica Rush, 1994)

Woodstock (Joni Mitchell Cover – recorded in Atlanta, 2018)

Wish I Knew (from Sunday in Algiers – a Nina Simone tribute recorded in New Orleans, 2005)

Far I Have Come, Far I Must Go (from A Primitive Guide to Being There, 2006)

Native Flute Outtakes (from 7 Keys, 2021)

Istanbul (recorded in Istanbul, 2008)

Solar Plexus (from 7 Keys, 2021)

Ambiante feat. Robert Mitchell on Piano - mixed with Find An Oasis feat. Jhelisa w/ Block 16 (2001)

Soul Mantra (Jhelisa original, unreleased)

Surviving in the Key of Eflat (from A Primitive Guide to Being There, 2006)

Death Of A Soul Diva (from Galactica Rush, 1994)

Pineal Insight (from 7 Keys, 2021)

Sacral Connection (from 7 Keys, 2021)

Safe in Space (The Starfishing Project, unreleased)

Throat Ether (from 7 Keys, 2021)

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cook cover, unreleased, 2008)

Friendly Pressure (New Arrangement recorded in Italy, 2009)

Outro: Chakra D (from 7 Keys – just drums)

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