Joe Muggs with Surgeon

Journalist, writer and DJ Joe Muggs traverses ambient, neo-classical and experimental sounds.

This month Joe is joined by Anthony Child - also known as legendary techno producer, Surgeon - for an exclusive hour-long live synth jam

Jhelisa – Solar Plexus E. 322 Hz V.2

Space Afrika – Honest Labour feat. HForSpirit

Quarah – Birds Flow

Luke Sanger – Only Casino for Miles

Melissa Coleman – For Meredith Monk (Straight to Heaven)

AFX – Analogue Bubblebath 5–07 (untitled)

Tom Middleton – Nebula Wanders (Instrumental)

Kevin Richard Martin – Glisten

Four Tet – Gillie Amma I Love You

Rip Rig & Panic – A Grand Gin And A Shaky Smile Please Mr Barman (Live)

Anthony Child – COSMOS + Easel

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