John Gómez // 15-02-19

Show from John Gómez, Rush Hour affiliate, radio host and DJ from London via Madrid.


Good Block - Capo Trek [Unreleased]
Suso saiz - Mekano3 [Forthcoming Music From Memory]
Frank Harris w/Maria Marquez - Canto Del Pilon [Thirdwave]
Oharaska - A Fabula [Unreleased]
The Triangle - Dead Traveller [Arabstazy]
Ambient Warrior - Ocean Dub [Red Arrow]
Ghost Vision - Mirador [Pinchy & Friends]
Karen Smith - Stranger [Taxi]
Takenoko - Les Guerriers [Emotional Rescue]
The Blizzard Sow - Elastic Rick [Cynfeirdd]
Bruhahá Babélico - Bruhahá II [Forthcoming Music From Memory]
Aaron Broomfield - Boomerang [Forthcoming Crown Ruler]
Céline Gillian - Fight Or Flight [DRAMA]
Ivan Conti - Ecos Da Mata [Far Out Recordings]
Rouge Mécanique - Stingray [Rouge Mécanique Musique]
Space Farm - Dawn Of The Birds [Left Ear Records]
Major Force Productions - Essential Dub [FILE RECORDS]
Tycoon Tosh - Country House (Instrumental) [FILE RECORDS]
Sonadjely Kouyate - DJalakoro [Sonodisc]
Kajou - Tet Chajé [CAP Records]
Mount Liberation Unlimited - Climb Me Up (Dance Dub Mix) [Forthcoming]
Julien Dune - Copernicus [Soundway Records]
Tarjei Nygård - Bleusa [ESP Institute]
Nick Carr - Swahili [Superfly Records]
ESB - Going Away [Echovolt]
Ivan Conti - Bacurau [Far Out Recordings]
Hex - Tropicália 14 [Universal Music]
Mory Kante - Courougnene [Mandingo Productions]
Luis Agudo - Sarava Dakar [RED RECORD]
Jacinto Tchipa - Olwali Hunene [ENDIPU/UEE]
Emmanuel Ezeagu - Advance Level Thief [Melody Sound]

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