Kate Hutchinson with ÌFÉ // 13-11-20

Monthly show from Kate Hutchinson, Guardian music and culture journalist, broadcaster and DJ from London. She is also the former Clubbing Editor at Time Out and is still waiting impatiently for the fidget-house revival. This month Kate is joined by African-American producer and percussionist Otura Mun, one half of Puerto Rico-based group ÌFÉ, a futuristic live electronic music project blending elements of Afro-Cuban folklore and Yoruban music with the bass driven sounds of dancehall, trap and afrobeat. Mun will be in conversation, talking about the release of their EP The Living Dead, an electronic interpretation of Yoruban prayer Songs which honour the deceased, released today (17 November), plus he'll be in the mix with a special selection of Yoruban-inspired songs.

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