Kate Hutchinson with Children of Zeus

Monthly show from Kate Hutchinson, Guardian music and culture journalist, broadcaster and DJ from London. She is also the former Clubbing Editor at Time Out and is still waiting impatiently for the fidget-house revival.

On this month's show, Kate is joined by Children of Zeus, a soul project from two of Manchester’s most respected artists Konny Kon & Tyler Daley.


James Massiah - You Ain't Got To Go Home
Zohra - Badala Zamana
Black So Man - On S'En Fout
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
John Carroll Kirby - Sensing Not Seeing
Rebecca Vasmant - Freefal (Ft Nadya Ablertsson)
Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something
Sampology - Suffer and Swim ft Allysha Joy
Chip Wickham - Blue To Red (Photay Remix)
Al Wootton - Operator
Loraine James - Running like that (Ft Eden Samara)
Zoe's Shanghai - Mother
Children of Zeus - No Love Song
Children of Zeus - Be Someone
Children of Zeus - Cali Dreams
Sylvia - Pussy Cat
Leon Haywood - I wanna do something freaky to you (DJM Reedit)
Coco Maria - Me Veo Volar
STR4TA - Vision 9 Melé Dub
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove
Carte Blanche - THE MOLECULES

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